2019 Theme

Alderney Week 2019 – the Channel Islands’ biggest festival!

This year Alderney Week runs from Saturday 3rd August – Saturday 10th August

The theme for 2019 is ‘Animal Magic’!

Whether you make rabbits appear from your summer hats, use Alderney Post’s new owl delivery service, or simply train your dog to do tricks when you say the magic word (Labra-cadabra-dor!) – there is something for everyone to enjoy this year!

We want the whole week to be filled with fun, music, games, laughter, barks, meows, squeaks, chirps, and whatever noises foxes make.

And we aim to make it a magic week for everyone!

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2019 Events

As usual, we have hundreds of events planned.

The full programme/spellbook packed full with every single event will be available to buy during the week.

A brief run-down of highlights:

Saturday – Opening BBQ day (magicked up by the Alderney Sauce-erers), fun inflatables on the Butes, games & magic.

Sunday – Street Market starting at 1pm, Magic Family Quiz in the evening.

Cavalcade Day – Annual Procession at 1.45pm to the Butes, more music, more games, more magic!

Tuesday – Harbour Fest Day! Followed by Mini Gala Night with the blowers.

Wednesday – Daft Raft Race (in the sea) and Rock The Rock (on the land).

Thursday – Cross-country (cross-island) race, followed by the new & improved, ever-stylish & aspirational Fashion Show in the afternoon (not to be missed).

Friday – Themed kids train-ride, the Hogwarts Express! Colour party at the Quarry, followed by a Cheesy School Disco (come in school uniform, not as a wheel of cheddar).

Saturday – Torchlight procession, followed by fireworks (real magic), and a night of unforgettable music.

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