Alderney Week 2020 – latest update


Despite COVID-19, we hope to be able to organise a few events during Alderney Week 2020 and will make announcements within the next few weeks – see press release below

Alderney, 19 May 2020: For many months, Alderney Week organiser Ronnie Cairnduff and his team have worked on producing another bumper programme for this year’s Alderney Week , creating several exciting new events to feature alongside the traditional favourites.

However, the current COVID-19 restrictions and regulations introduced to protect and safeguard the health of  the people of Alderney  – in particular those regarding travel to the island and large crowd gatherings – would have a major impact on the island’s biggest annual tourism event.

It is therefore with great regret that Alderney Week 2020  is cancelled.

The decision has not been taken lightly.  As Ronnie pointed out “This year would have marked the 72nd Alderney Week and this is the first time since 1948 that an Alderney Week has been cancelled.”   

We had hoped the travel restrictions might be relaxed”, said Ronnie, “but there will be no scheduled Aurigny flights to Alderney before the end of August, which would bring the many Alderney Week supporters including our holiday home owners and their families and friends to the island. Furthermore, there is the compulsory 14-day quarantine condition for anybody arriving from outside the Bailiwick.

“Sadly, for the first time in over 30 years, our adopted band, the Alderney Blowers, will also not be able to get here.“ Flights for 57 members of the band had been booked before Christmas and the deposits had been paid.  “We have managed to cancel all tickets but our musicians are all deeply disappointed as Alderney Week is the highlight of their year.”

He added “Another very important issue is that under the current COVID-19 restrictions crowd gatherings are not permitted. But even if these restrictions were eased, many people on the island are now worried about attending large events.”

“However, Alderney Week 2020 is not completely lost”, said Ronnie. “There are possibly a number of smaller events that we may be able to run this year whilst complying with the COVID-19 regulations and we will start working on these now.

And we’ll turn to social media to launch our Virtual Alderney Week 2020, bringing you online fun and entertainment before and throughout Alderney Week 2020.”   

“We’d like to get many children and adults involved and we will announce our plans on our Facebook page and website and, of course, through the local media.”

And, looking ahead, Ronnie and his team promise that Alderney 2021 will be absolutely fantastic!  ENDS